Something In The Air White Tissue POM POM kit

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5 white tissue pom poms in a pre-cut kit.

To construct your pom pom:

1. Hold the pom pom in the centre, make sure you have enough ribbon for it to eventually hang and then unfold one side to create a fan shape.

2. Start to peel away the tissue paper layer by layer.

3. Once you have peeled 5-6 layers you'll see your pom pom taking shape.

4. Turn your pom pom upside down and repeat the process.

5. Once all the layers have been separated your pom pom is finished.

6. For the finishing touch make sure all your layers of tissue paper are separated and that there are no uneven gaps.

Decorate your wedding venue with these beautiful, on-trend white tissue paper pom poms.

Size: 10 inches diameter

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